QUITE UNBIDDEN, THE kind people at who supply the space for this electrical publication have taken to suggesting topics for articles in it, as you can see by this unretouched engraving:

Dr. Boli is delighted to see his Web hosts taking such a personal interest in his affairs; however, he regrets to inform them that their submissions do not meet his current needs. The questions posed are all such as lend themselves to answers of a single sentence, thus:

Q. What are people surprised to learn about you?

A. In his experience, Dr. Boli finds that people are most surprised to learn that he invented the letter M; at first glance, they usually take him for an R or H man.

Q. If you suddenly ran into your most recent ex, what would your first response be?

A. “Good heavens! I thought you were imaginary.”

Q. Name the most recent movie that disappointed you.

A. Name the most recent movie.

The reader can easily see how such questions and responses are not provocative of long and thoughtful essays. Dr. Boli encourages his correspondents to keep trying, however. Aristophanes papered his bathroom with rejection slips before a producer took a chance on his first play, and look where he is now.