NEW! FRESH FRUIT in an app! Enjoy fresh fruit every day without going to the grocer or roadside market. Simply download the Fresh Fruit app on your iPhone or Android device and start enjoying all the virtual health benefits of virtual fruit. Prices guaranteed competitive with real-world fruit. North East Virtual Orchards, Inc., North East, Penna.


  1. Dr. Bjorn Bjornsen says:

    What’s all this I hear about downloading fresh fruits on your hemorrhoids? I think that the acidity alone would have you standing next to your sofa for weeks. Besides, you’re supposed to put fresh fruit in your pie hole, not your …..

    Ehhh, Dr. Bjornsen, that’s downloading fresh fruit on your ANDROID.

    Ohhhh, that’s very different.

    Never mind.

  2. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations and rights issues, while they can offer oranges, quinces, nectarines, and pears on the Android platform, they are unable to offer Apples there…while Apples are the only fruit available on the iPhone. Clementines and Pluots will be available some time next year, assuming they can get regulatory approval from the FCC and Department of Agriculture.

  3. Rob says:

    You think you’re the first to think of this? Nope:!/id296180799?mt=8&ls=1

    Sure it’s baked goods and not fruit, but same joke applies!

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