THE ADVANCED RESEARCH Projects Department at Duck Hollow University would like the assistance of the public in searching for a self-replicating nanobot that Prof. Charleston may have left at Bentley’s Bar and Grill in Homestead. The device is roughly 4 micrometers in length and may easily be distinguished by the 0.7-micrometer-wide Duck Hollow University emblem on the back. Although Prof. Charleston is positive that he misplaced only one of the devices, he cannot state positively whether the self-replicating function was enabled or not. There may, therefore, be as many as 4,194,304 of the devices by now, taking into account the ordinary rate of replication and the approximate time when Prof. Charleston woke up behind the Dumpster outside Bentley’s and noticed the device was missing. As the devices are being produced under a military contract, the exact purpose of the device is classified; however, if you should happen to notice an unusually large quantity of cinnamon whipped cream in an unexpected place, please call the University immediately.