1. Jared says:

    Although I generally concur with the editorial endorsements appearing in this page, I take exception this year, having just returned from the polls, where I voted for John C. Fremont for Holy Roman Emperor and Rutherford B. Hayes for Grand Master of the Hunt. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember whom the Post-Gazette had endorsed for Lord Privy Seal, and this celebrated magazine was conspicuously silent on the matter, so I decided to write in Sir George Young.

    • Sean says:

      I having voted for Maximus Clabarus Glabarus for Prothonotary, I was disapointed to learn that the Byzantine Empire had not been revived. I then realized that there was no effective difference betwween the government of Allegheny Coutnty and that of Constantinople and so left the polls satisfied.

      • Jared says:

        The Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy is, of course, located in Pittsburgh, confirming that the Steel City is the Fifth Rome, following Rome itself, Constantinople, Moscow, and Rome, NY.

  2. As an actual Election Judge here in Chicago, I am sad to see that so many other parts of the country lag behind our forward-thinking policies on letting the dead register to vote.

    Too bad we don’t have an actual election today, Chicago long having completed the transition to a single-party state.

  3. We do have the occasional Republican here in Chicago, and even a few Libertarians. But they are so rare, so ostracized, and thus so eccentric that they fill the same niche in the political ecosystem that is, in other more diverse electorates filled by the LaRouchies, the Goldbugs, and the Mugwumps. They pigeonhole their friends and neighbors and talk their ears off for hours on end about Global Warming fabrications and the same recycled FEMA-deathcamp conspiracy theories that Lefties used to accuse Dubya of, after they fished them out of Pat Robertson’s Clinton-UN conspiracy theory discard pile from 1994.

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