1. Steve says:

    You are a little confused as to what fascism is.
    Philosophically, it is:
    The rejection of the transcendent objective, absolute
    The rejection of personal moral responsibility as bourgeois
    The proposition that the only (remaining) sumum bonum is the group will-to-power.

    Economically, it is corporate-State ‘bundling’ or fasces in Latin.

    • Dr. Boli says:

      Dr. Boli seldom interferes in the business of his advertisers, but he tends to agree with this correspondent: the advertiser is a little confused as to what fascism is. As Dr. Boli recalls it from the golden age of the movement, fascism aimed to develop and improve the group will-to-power through the medium of snazzy colored shirts.

  2. So what do you call a political philosophy that merely rejects fancy-sounding words with little or no actual semantic content such as “transcendent objective absolute” and “group will-to-power” in favor of much simpler terminology like “don’t be a buttmunch”? I only ask because my Armchair Anarchist Party doesn’t have the budget for matching colored shirts.

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