IT IS ALWAYS worth your while to spend a few minutes poking the “Random article” link on the all-knowing Wikipedia. You never know what delightful things you might run across.

From the article “Billy Ryan High School.” Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; the mascot picture may be under copyright, but Dr. Boli believes that its use here in a small size for the purpose of illustration and criticism falls under “fair use” guidelines. If anyone from Billy Ryan High School objects, however, he will gladly remove this article.


  1. Jerry says:

    hahaha. Good one, Dr. Boli. I thought you were making that up. Also, it is ALWAYS worth your while to see the advertisements below your blog posts (Teens in the wild with George Jazz wilderness expert).

    • Dr. Boli says:

      It is a regrettable thing that not only does Dr. Boli have no control over the advertisements that appear there, but he is not even allowed to see them, because his host suppresses them when the site is viewed from Dr. Boli’s own IP address. He imagines those advertisements as a bottomless well of amusement from which he is not permitted to draw, and he sometimes feels a bit left out.

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