1. I think this piece of Japery has rather a problem – in that it is the Episcopal Church in the United States that displays an unusual diversity of opinion (i.e. toleration of false and un-Christian doctrines) as well as an obsession with Church architecture and property (as it demonstrates with law suits against congregations leaving it). The “Anglican Church in North America” is a conservative breakaway group formed as a reaction against perceived false doctrine within the Episcopal Church. It should be members of the Episcopal Church getting group discounts for cult deprogramming.

    • Dr. Boli says:

      It may be so; but, on the other hand, it seems likely that only those who have already made a break with the Episcopalians, and who resent being made to feel tolerant, would be ready to avail themselves of the advertiser’s legal services. Dr. Boli will, of course, refrain from mentioning to the Rufinus brothers that you referred to their solicitation as “japery.”

  2. Geis says:

    The symptoms described seem to flow from all religious belief when compared to any other religious belief. How could one decide which is more worthy of a discount?

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