…that the Greek scientist Archimedes invented a workable perambulator, but was denied a patent on technical grounds?

…that, if all the toilets in North America were flushed simultaneously, it would lift the continent by five feet?

…that the city of Portland, Maine, is the only city in the United States named after itself?

…that, as part of an elaborate experiment designed to prove the hypothesis that professional journalists have no longer memories than mayflies, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake has succeeded in planting the same psychic-dog story over and over again for decades?

…that, in the entire record of classical history, and up to the end of the Byzantine Empire in 1453, there is not one recorded mention of a T-shirt with a slogan printed on it?

…that Leonardo da Vinci, for all his brilliant accomplishments, could never quite get the hang of charades?