EVERYONE KNOWS THAT fiber is essential to good health. But how much do you really know about fiber? Test your knowledge with these fiber questions:

1. What is dietary fiber?

Dietary fiber is the fiber we eat in our diets. Honestly, if you didn’t get this one, you really are a bit thick.

2. Where do we get fiber?

Fiber comes from the socks, old rags, and handkerchiefs we eat every day.

3. Can we get fiber from fruits and vegetables?

We can if the fruits and vegetables are packed in burlap sacks, and we do not neglect to eat the burlap.

4. What do we need fiber for?

The fiber we eat forms itself into a clump that scours the insides of our intestines, getting rid of all the hair and soap scum that build up in there and ensuring free-flowing drainage.

5. Why do the British spell it “fibre”?

The Norman Conquest infected the British Isles with a certain quantity of Frenchified spellings for words like “fibre” and “colour.” Since the Normans never conquered America, the United States preserves the original correct spellings of these words.