THIS MAGAZINE USES very sophisticated technology, powered by coal gas, to sort through the myriad comments left on every article. Over at our sister site I Wish I’d Said That, however, the technology is much more primitive, and the comments left are correspondingly much more diverse.

Many of them are quite complimentary, though some of them reveal a little more of the authors’ private lives than one would willingly know:

I very much to like and agree with your point of view. Thank you for sharing. At the same time, I love best pram very much .Welcome to look at my website and blog articles.

What our correspondent and his best pram get up to in the privacy of their own home is none of our business, but we should like him to respect our indifference as much as we respect his privacy.

The theme clear, the central idea anacreontic, let me read, very have feeling, that kind of feeling in words cannot express, hope after the author make persistent efforts, write this article came out

Dr. Boli would like his correspondent to know that he will make the most persistent efforts possible to see that his ideas remain as anacreontic as our national anthem.

The article lively and interesting, let a person have the feeling of experience, I hope I can see the author, explore together under this article, really let me very touching

This correspondent has already received a copy of his restraining order.

Here is a correspondence that combines an enthusiasm for Greek mythology with a touch of the nautical:

Hera are an adept internet site,  we can buoy apportion whatever aspect, and acquire a lot a different affairs, cheers such inauspicious comprise bought at Hera.

And finally, a worrisome bit of local news:

Despite that warning, North Vietnam has increased its military aggression in all these areas, and particularly in louis vuitton online store.

In Dr. Boli’s opinion, North Vietnam deserves everything that’s coming to it.


  1. One of your fans says:

    If they are increasing their aggression in louis vuitton online store, it seems to me that the crime is its own punishment.

  2. John M says:

    Someone was obviously thrilled by the dispute between the Foundation and the Kingdom of Anacreon in Book 1 of Asimov’s Foundation trilogy: “The theme clear, the central idea anacreontic…”

    • Jared says:

      On the contrary, the theme is far more jovial, the central idea Bacchanalian. The aforementioned someone was not inspired by Asimov, but by Anacreon himself, their inspirer and patron. Indeed, it is said that he inspires them “to boot,” which one imagines to be a rather more forceful analogue to the way Pip was brought up “by hand.”

  3. John Salnon says:

    This cite please even the most demanding of hysterics humor. Truly of both spelling and syntax. Please to write of my new web place Bots All, Folks. Where I do the same as Dr Bolet for even less lira. Love to gag your reactives to hit. AI is displacing even bottalk with true tails of suspense and ending Stevven Kynge careers with all 5 his adverbs of fears and scaries. Progress.

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