IN HONOR OF the fifth anniversary of his celebrated Magazine on the World-Wide Web, Dr. Boli is reprinting some favorite articles and advertisements from the past five years.

DAFT OLD LADY seeking same for risky investment scheme. Must be Presbyterian.

NO-FAULT IMPRIMATURS, nihil obstats, &c. Our staff of trained & fully qualified bishops is at your service 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. The Canon Law Practice of Rufinus & Rufinus, Troy Hill.

FORK COLLECTORS! VISIT our handsome new state-of-the-art facility on Beaver St. and admire the third-largest selection of collector forks on the North American con­tinent. New merchandise comes in constantly from around the globe. Just arrived: a fabulous shipment of traditional wooden venison forks from Moldova. Herb’s Collectible Forks, Sewickley.

HAVE YOU EVER eaten too much of a delicious but unhealthy snack food? You may be entitled to compensation. Class-action lawsuit seeks to hold manufacturers responsible for the deliciousness of their snacks. Share your story with Lentill & Porridge, Attorneys at Law, Sheraden.

NEW PYRO-MATE Wonder Midget Home and Office Fire Extinguisher uses homeopathic technology to attack the causes of fire rather than merely addressing the symptoms. Send for free illustrated brochure, “Nature’s Way to a Fire-Free Home or Office.” Pyro-Mate Corporation, Swissvale.