1. Jared says:

    As an inarticulate person, I just want to say

  2. Amusingly, random showings of this film are replaced by the filthiest, most vulgar pornography available. Unfortunately, due to the public nature of an art museum, and the fact that children might be present (presumably shanghaied there via some sort of field trip or the sort of parents who think great art “enriches the life” of a 3-year-old), the pornography will be completely censored. Also unfortunately, due to a last-minute problem with the bittorrent site they downloaded the porn from (what, an art museum put money in the pockets of pornographers who are not smug coffee-drinkers in black berets?), there is no audio track available on the porn film. So most visitors will not be able to tell whether they are experiencing Mr. E. “Bonkers” Johnson’s latest masterwork, or that of Mr. E. “Normous” Johnson.

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