THE FORM OF literature commonly called “spam” is rich with unintended poetry, and we make no apology for quoting some of the more colorful expressions that, regrettably, we must exclude from the normal run of comments.

After I read and think of after, I think this is the best today I see articles although no gorgeous language, but expression of incisively and vividly, make me with an endless aftertaste. Thank the authors share, I will continue to focus on.

Focus on, dear reader, and perhaps Dr. Boli will focus with you for a while.

Ha ha, luck is too great, actually let I met such a good article, heart is very happy, I seriously read this article and article really feel is good, the article central thought gripping content, write very exciting.

There is nothing more gratifying to an author than to know that his readers have seriously read his articles, and that his writing has made their hearts very happy.

The writing is really too good, can use the classic two words describe this article, the article structure very logical line, I am happy to meet such a good article. I hope the author continue to issue other better articles ah.

Ah, indeed! Which words, by the way, are the classic two words? Any number of pairs of words have occurred to Dr. Boli, but he does not believe he has hit on the specific pair his correspondent had in mind.

I am very happy, because this is the article I’ve met today! The article content and people are closely related, very impressive, convincing very strong ah, I will continue to focus on such articles, expect better articles.

So many of our correspondents sighing “ah!” in obvious delight! It is nearly enough to turn one’s head.

What a good article ah, the story is very moving, even I the person of stone eldest brother also cannot help but nose under the tears, and I was going to tell others, let them know that once had a such a touching story. I really like the author’s writing technique.

Dr. Boli is sure this was meant to be flattering, although he cannot help imagining the “person of stone” as intoning “Don Giovanni!” in a deep and penetrating bass. Still, there are times when one must simply nose under one’s tears and go on.

Whenever I have what not happy or want, I always see your articles, will let me end down, your article is just like one of my close friends, when I have trouble or things, always can let me find the solution.

Dr. Boli would like it known that he disclaims all responsibility for letting anyone’s end down.

At the network’s I wandered. By chance after your web site, read your post. Very fruitful, thank you for sharing. On the Internet, it is hard to find useful information. Thank you.

At first Dr. Boli thought he might be reading a retranslated version of a poem by Robert Frost, but he lost the thread of the symbolism about halfway through.

Wow, this blog good ah, the layout is very good, very logical. I think there will be a lot of readers like reading. Very often update, and I will also continue to will pay more attention to, are looking forward to the next issue of the blog oh.

Not only an “ah,” but an “oh” as well! If our correspondent will not refuse a little advice on punctuation, adding two commas would make the second sentence clearer: “I think there will be a lot of readers, like, reading.”

The real life rich possession in the quiet. The life of a quiet life, disorientation, forget self, only muddle their fancy led by the nose.

This is a wonderful thing, such as life, and perhaps today’s brutal brutal tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow there will always be the sun.

Here we have two correspondents attempting profundity. We hope they did not hurt themselves.

We are not perfect, but we have to accept imperfect. Learn to love yourself, spoil yourself, to make their own independent.

In the immortal words of Groucho Marx, “I think you’ve got something there, and I’ll wait outside till you clean it up.”


  1. Jared says:

    I regret that Dr. Boli has taken to flagging all of my formerly unilateral correspondence with him as spam, but beg leave to shed light on sundry of my aforementioned musings.

    “… expression of incisively and vividly, make me with an endless aftertaste” — a clever rejoinder to that old canard that silence is deep as Eternity, speech is shallow as Time

    “The writing is really too good, can use the classic two words describe this article” — by which I meant “solvitur ambulando,” as if you didn’t already know that.

    “… even I the person of stone eldest brother also cannot help but nose under the tears” — fleshing out the Medusa family, if indeed flesh be the appropriate word for it.

    “On the Internet, it is hard to find useful information” — being a statement of fact.

    “… I think there will be a lot of readers like reading” — in contrast to dislike reading, in which a person reads upsetting material to induce rage; a favorite pastime, especially when the internet fails to yield useful information.

    “The real life rich possession in the quiet” — being, of course, a reference to the legal concept of quiet possession.

    I trust that the remaining references are beyond any need for explication.

  2. WarrenP says:

    I believe the author of these Flowerings of Poesy is also selling T-Shirts emblazoned with his wit and wisdom, at the local mall.

    The shirts in question have sayings like this on them:

    “Happy Life! To make the joy. Believe in your dream. Enjoy it.”

    And this, which brings tears to my eyes:

    “Fashion with me. I bring the new style. Happy and good. Luck for me.”


  3. mythusmage says:

    I knew it, old jedi masters never die, they just become slogan makers.

  4. This gleaning of literary gems from the slagheap of spambot postings is the literary equivalent of the found-object art of such past masters as Marcel Duchamp and his seminal work (in more ways than one), “Fountain (1917)”.

  5. renault can clip says:

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