Are your children learning useful skills at school? The F. C. Lowell Vocational Elementary School stresses practical accomplishments rather than useless abstractions like grammar or arithmetic. Your children learn in daily twelve-hour hands-on sessions at our own real working textile mill—a unique facility offered by no other private elementary school in the Northeast. Best of all, tuition compares favorably with the fees at outmoded traditional private elementary schools. Send for our free brochure, “Preparing Your Children for a Lifetime of Useful Drudgery.” The F. C. Lowell Vocational Elementary School, Lowell, Mass.


  1. Paul says:

    Spring of 1862 Advertisement:

    “Prepare to Explode onto the Scene”, at The Allegheny Arsenal Beauty School for Girls, “Teaching Girls to Powder Their Noses Since 1861 – Transforming the Ordinary into the Ordnance:

    “Apply Now for the Fall Semester, it’ll be a blast”!

  2. John M says:

    For children seeking immersion in a foreign culture, does the F. C. Lowell Vocational Elementary School offer exchange programs with educational institutions in other countries? Say, with Foxconn?

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