In Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, the wedding ceremony is completed when the bride and groom exchange and discard traditional gifts of pickled herring.

In the Fortunate Isles, every dish at the wedding-feast must include lingonberries, imported from Scandinavia at almost ruinous expense.

Brides in Milan will not specify a wedding gown until they have made themselves thoroughly familiar with the latest fashions from Boise, Idaho.

In Mmadinare, Botswana, a marriage cannot be solemnized until the bride has acquired a library card under her new name.

In Glassport, Penna., the traditional wedding brawl often involves police from as many as three neighboring boroughs and townships.


  1. Paul says:

    In Pittsburgh’s little Italy, it is a pre-nuptial requirement for brides to be able to recite from memory the given names of each member of her future husband’s extended family prior to setting the date for matrimony. For this reason, many Italian sons often remain living in their mother’s basement well beyond the age of maturity.

  2. Sean says:

    Does McKeesport still have a functioning police force? Glassport might well cease to exist after the next blessed event.

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