In addition to the well-known Democrats and Republicans, a number of other political parties field candidates that sometimes appear on the ballot in your district. Many of these parties did surprisingly well in the recent election.

The Socialist Workers Party believes that the socialist revolution is just around the corner. In the recent election, the Socialist Workers candidate received 3,741 votes, all of them from upper-middle-class Birkenstock-wearing Volvo-driving intellectuals who will be the first against the wall when the socialist revolution comes.

The Libertarian Party believes in liberty of individual action, and in particular in the freedom of wealthy individuals to exploit and enslave the poor. If the poor want freedom, let them inherit a billion dollars like normal hard-working Americans.

The Cheese Party supports a strong dairy industry. Although presidential candidate Mavis Stilton did not appear on any ballot, she received one vote, which according to exit polls was cast by Irma Stilton, her sister.

The Bloc Orégonais promotes Francophone identity in the 1300 block of Reeves Avenue, Portland, Oregon. For some reason as as yet unexplained by political analysts, this party polled more than 13% of the vote in Nebraska.

The Fred Smith Party has vowed to place a man named Fred Smith in the White House by 2024. In 2012, presidential candidate Fred G. Smith received six votes.