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Every year, thousands of new books are published. But how few of those books are worth reading! Or, to put it another way, how few of those books are written by Dr. Boli!

Dr. Boli has long lamented the dearth of good fiction in modern publishing, and very sensibly came to the conclusion that, if he wanted a novel worth reading, he would have to write it himself.

That book, easily the most eagerly anticipated production of the literary season, is now available to you, the discerning public, at a very reasonable price.

The Crimes of Galahad is a new novel destined to stand with the works of Henry Fielding, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Amanda McKittrick Ros as a permanent contribution to the literature of the English-speaking world. In it, Dr. Boli has not been afraid to plumb the darkest depths of the human soul.

Galahad Newman Bousted dedicates his life to evil at a young age. But will he succeed in his pursuit of pure wickedness, or will he be seduced by the many temptations to do good that stand in his way? Will he really carry out the monstrous crimes he has plotted? Can he possibly get away with them?

“Gripping.” —Industrial Vise & Grip Weekly.

“Shocking!” —Electrical Workers’ Local No. 278 Newsletter.

“Longer than Frankenstein, but shorter than Moby-Dick.” —Word Count Illustrated.


  1. Lars Walker says:

    We anticipate this novel as the watchman longeth for the morning. Yea, as the watchman longeth for the morning.

  2. Jared says:

    As a young person, at least in a manner of speaking, I am somewhat puzzled by this acquisitive model in which units of currency are exchanged in order to obtain the desired good. Although most assuredly quaint and not a little charming, this model of mutually beneficial exchange through the double coincidence of wants is hopelessly antiquated and cannot possibly work. All the most successful commercial models are predicated upon the notion that information wants to be free, and should it be shackled, it is our sworn duty to release it. If this be a crime, then call me a protege of the great Galahad himself.

  3. Martha says:

    Having availed myself of the modern methods of electronically downloading books, I have read with much pleasure and delight your fine novel.

    I am both edified and scandalised by the career of vice upon which your protagonist embarked, and the worldly success which he achieved.

    Indeed, he seems to give every indication of living happily ever afterwards. Readers shall just have to fortify themselves with the reflections of his likely fate in the world to come, and if they keep his prospective latter fate in mind, they too may enjoy the details of his triumphs without qualms.

    An excellent literary production, Dr. Boli!

  4. If you enjoyed “Crimes of Galahad”, do Dr. Boli the kind favour of posting the affirmation upon

  1. […] the proper etiquette for televisions in public places. November was also the month in which The Crimes of Galahad was published, an event that marks the maturity of the American novel as an art […]

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