1. Captain DaFt says:

    Ah, the Garden Volcano kit, for aspiring Evil Overlords on a smaller budget, I heartily recommend it as a relatively cheap way to develop your very own volcano lair without all the usual hassle of finding an unoccupied one in an ideal location.
    (The Evil Overlord business has boomed in recent years, driving the price of good lairs through the roof!)
    With this most excellent kit, which I heartily recommend, one merely needs to find a suitable site, rent a small plot of land, install a volcano, et voila, the locals evacuate and desert the area, leaving one in complete command of the area, free to conspire and scheme plans of World Domination!
    Plus, the easily affordable shut-off valve option keeps the lair safe from those pesky unwanted eruptions that always seem to follow after some meddling do-gooder tries to thwart your plans!
    No more damp caves in third world countries or ludicrous “spider holes” for me!

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