If you enjoyed Moby-Dick, you may be interested in a somewhat obscure, but certainly comprehensive, book published in 1878, entitled, History of the American Whale Fishery from Its Earliest Inception to the Year 1876. It may interest you as giving some supplementary information that will add to your appreciation of Melville’s masterpiece. Or it may interest you because the name of the author is Alexander Starbuck.


  1. Warren P says:

    Also cures insomnia, and several other things with names much longer than that, which I can’t remember because I didn’t have much sleep last night. Do you ever have that dream where you’re being chased by a whale, who somehow can walk on land, and he chases you through the Target department store, and you end up in the sporting goods aisle. Why am I the only one who has that dream?


  2. Greybeard says:

    Did the whale ever knock on your door announcing, “Candygram!”

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