1. Clay Potts says:

    Dear Dr. Boli,

    Pyramids also make wonderful bomb shelters/home defense shelters. And, anyone who is serious about the defense of their home when the nation goes over the looming fiscal cliff, taking down with it, the national economy and civilization as we know it, should not be without their own! Their steep-walled, well, “pyramidal” shape makes them virtually impossible, especially when properly greased, to be scaled from below, and their apex makes them especially difficult for helicopter landings. They are also surprisingly very energy efficient and easy to heat compared to more conventional shelters. And, when it is safe to re-emerge and to begin to undertake the rebuilding of the new American nation, what better motivating symbol of a high and lasting civilization will be there that of a dead Pharaoh’s tombstone? Perhaps it might even be immortalized on the nation’s new paper currency; who knows, they may even inspire clever new business opportunities.

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