The Admiral Hornswoggle stories in this Magazine are perennial favorites. What more excuse is needed for offering them in book form? A book never needs to be rebooted, never wanders out of range of a wireless connection, and may be read on a commercial airliner while the plane is taking off or landing. It is also easier to wrap as a gift than an electronic file, which tends to ooze out of even the most skillful wrapping job.

If you have not yet met Admiral Hornswoggle, now would be a very good time. In his long career of distinguished service, Admiral Hornswoggle has ended the Spanish war, crossed the treacherous Piso Mojado in a balloon, gone questing for the Axe of the Apostles, faced terrifying supernatural manifestations, brought peace to a lawless western town, captured the notorious pirate Falsebeard, and solved an intricate murder mystery.

These things are well known. They have passed into our standard history-books. But now, in this beautifully printed and competently bound book, Admiral Hornswoggle tells you, in his own words, what really happened.

His adventures may remind you of the tales of the renowned Baron Munchausen. And, just as in the narrations of that celebrated adventurer, every word is true.

Admiral Hornswoggle’s Nautical Adventures. 160 pages, featuring all the Admiral Hornswoggle stories published so far.

And don’t forget Dr. Boli’s other books, published in attractive editions uniform with Admiral Hornswoggle’s Nautical Adventures:

The Crimes of Galahad.  “The best novel you’ll read this decade,” says some guy on the Internet.

Dr. Boli’s Encyclopedia of Misinformation. “Hours of misinformative fun for the kids, at a fraction of the cost of real information,” says some other Internet person.


  1. Dear Dr. Boli,

    Is there a Mrs. Dr. Boli? If so, is she as long-lived as you are or have you had many Mrs. Dr. Boli’s over the years? Do you refer to her by a pet epithet? Did you have Boli children?

    Curious in Churchill

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