Dear Dr. Boli: Is there a Mrs. Dr. Boli? If so, is she as long-lived as you are or have you had many Mrs. Dr. Bolis over the years? Do you refer to her by a pet epithet? Did you have Boli children? —Sincerely, Curious in Churchill.

Dear Sir or Madam: There is a Mrs. Boli and a number of children, and Dr. Boli is fairly certain that they are still around here somewhere. It is a big house, after all, and Dr. Boli does not have time to keep track of what goes on in every room. He has not seen the south wing, for example, since 1892, when he had to move into it temporarily until the Burne-Jones murals were finished in the main hall. At any rate, now that you have mentioned the matter, Dr. Boli will have to look into it. Perhaps the servants know something.