A Meditation.

O kangaroo—
Strange beastie, you!
Another roo
Rides inside you.
Here’s something new—
One roo from two;
Two roos make you.
How very few
The creatures who
Can say that’s true!
What can I do
But say to you,
“How do you do?
How do you do?”


  1. Clay Potts says:

    Well, Hello, and you, how do you do?

    What’s that you say? No, my belly button’s not winking at you.

    Strange but so true, I have four eyes, you only two.

    My four are brown, you two are blue.

    I have two to look down on you, two to look up to you,

    Two to look in your eyes, two to look at your shoes.

    And, when you pass by, my four eyes will stop looking, so this rhyme, too.

  2. Agricola Austrealis says:

    Do kangasroos like to eat rootabegas ? I only ask because of the similarity of these odd names to one another.

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