Second Series.

Montana. Owing to a clerical error in the original Organic Act of the Territory of Montana, the de jure capital of Montana is Boise, Idaho.


  1. Clay Potts says:

    Ten U. S. Senators have decided to take up what has been for years a hot potato issue, when they sent a letter to the National Potato Council pushing for a change in the name of the Redskin Potato, as Native Americans find the term “redskin” to be both offensive and derogatory.

    With all the eyes of potato consumers on them, the NPC issued a statement citing their sensitivity to the issue and announced a National Contest to re-name the redskin potato.

    Among the early responses received for new names are: “Sun Potato”, “The Blushing Potato”, and, “Cherry Potato”.

    The NPC finds each of these names quite clever, however, they remain hopeful more potential names will be forthcoming before the panel of industry judges selects the official winner.

    (Consumer notice: the Post Office will not deliver mail without postage.)

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