Next week we celebrate Halloween, which now occupies the place in our children’s hearts that used to be occupied by the dated and all-but-forgotten holiday called Christmas. If you have not yet thought of a way to scare the pants off the sweet little urchins, you might consider taking some inspiration from New England cemeteries.

There are more delightful gravestone ornaments at The Mirrour of the World, or Thymage of the Same.


  1. Ben Finiti says:

    While volunteering at a local hospital cancer treatment center, I had a thought: “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…” The 23rd Psalm. And I understood it, in a way I never had before. Every patient in there was walking through the valley of the shadow of death. And even the fortunate ones, the survivors like my wife, never entirely leave the valley. They just make it to the brighter side of the valley. But they never entirely leave the shadow behind them.

    Of course, the rest of us are just as mortal; we all live with the daily possibility of death being around the next corner. Car accidents, heart attacks, whatever – the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to. But we don’t think about it. The shadow of our mortality does not block our sun.

    When I volunteer at the center, I am visiting the valley. I find the valley-dwellers to be for the most part surprisingly cheerful, yet never frivolous. They are serious about life, but never somber.

    And when I sit at a bedside vigil for a dying patient, I watch them enter the far end of the valley.

    Memento mori, indeed. Memento vivere, as well.

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