Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone on your Christmas list who knows how to read (or, failing that, at least recognizes pictures)? Here it is. Dr. Boli’s Gift Horse is a 300-page anthology of some of your favorite articles, illustrations, and even advertisements from more than six years of Dr. Boli’s Celebrated Magazine on the Web.

You used to need an old-fashioned Internet-connected electronic device, but now you can read (or look at) these things on paper, the medium of the future.

Perhaps you know a Luddite (from the futuristic planet of Ludd) who refuses to connect to the Internet. Now you can share your love of good literature (and pictures) with the most recalcitrant book-lover. And you can do it for about a twentieth of the cost of buying that person a tablet computer, not to mention the cost to your friendship of forcing him to use the thing.

The book itself is new, but every article (and picture) in it has stood the test of time by existing on line for months or years without being deleted. Some of the jokes in the book may be as old as time itself.

You owe it to your friends and family to improve their intellectual life, to raise their horizons, to help them become the better persons you know they can become. But that takes a lot of effort, so for now, why not just buy them this book?