Masked members of the secretive protest group Sine Nomine staged a “sip-in” at the Starbucks on Sixth Avenue in protest against the global coffee giant’s employment practices. In what a masked spokesman described as a “coordinated RL denial-of-service attack,” protesters kept the staff busy by ordering Double Chocolaty Chip Frappucino beverages until everyone got sick and staggered off to the subway and various bicycle racks. The manager of the establishment told a Dispatch reporter that this had been the second-best day for sales in his unit’s history, surpassed only by the G-20 protests in 2010.


  1. John M says:

    Perchance they forgot what they were protesting?

  2. Clay Potts says:

    Since the protest, one demonstration organizer, on condition of anonymity, revealed the protest was actually an elaborate ruse for its members to reach a world record challenge of the most “My Starbucks Rewards Gold Levels” in a single day.

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