The caption contest was a great success, in that it made Dr. Boli’s readers work much harder than Dr. Boli. A great deal of entertaining cleverness was on display, and Dr. Boli has begun to wonder whether, for the sake of the Magazine, he ought simply to let the readers take over.

The judging of the contest, however, did constitute real work, and for that reason Dr. Boli decided to have it done by somebody else. In fact he left it up to the loyal reader who had suggested the contest in the first place. She did not look at the comments as they came in, and so had no idea who offered which caption; she was given a numbered list of entries with no other identification, and picked her favorite without prejudice. Here, then, is the winner:


The book will soon be on its way to “Bill,” with Dr. Boli’s personal thanks for his contribution. And since the contest is over, Dr. Boli can now reveal the caption he had prepared before his loyal reader suggested a contest: