The terror alert level was briefly raised to magenta after a large crate was found left outside the gates of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The only external marking was the words “RETURN TO SENDER” in large stenciled letters. A bomb-disposal unit dispatched to the site found no evidence of explosives and carefully opened the crate, which proved to contain the Spirit Mars Exploration Rover in a well-used condition. NASA has not released a statement to the press, and reporters’ questions have so far been met with “No comment.”


  1. RepubAnon says:

    Any comment from John Carter?

  2. Don’t feel bad, NASA. When I worked at Radio Shack, the remote control cars always had a high rate of returns. No one seemed to like the choice between putting either ten bucks of non-rechargeable batteries in it every half hour, or plugging in a 20-dollar rechargeable battery to charge up overnight for half an hour of play time per day.

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