Dear Dr. Boli: Do you have a particular brand and source for steel pens? I’m afraid my education didn’t cover such things, but I am interested in picking up where my schoolteachers left off. —Sincerely, “bluesun.”



  1. Clay Potts says:

    Dear Dr. Boli,

    I am very impressed with your extensive knowledge of the steel pen and I just know you are the one to confront with the question of “stationary”. Whatever is the origin of the name “stationary” for an object which is very obviously, even to the least keen eye, paper, and well, anything but, stationary? Anyone who has ever tried to write a letter on it with one hand, while eating a sandwich with the other, or to maintain a neat stack of it near an open window on a windy day will attest that stationary is it’s least natural state or tendency. Alas, I do have my own humble theory as to it’s possible origin, that it is in direct reference to the earliest material used to record pictography – the stone cave wall, arguably possessing very stationary properties. This seems to my way of thinking, a perfectly reasonable explanation, however, I am told I tend to be much too literal in my thinking, missing many of the subtleties of life. So I close to await, with great anticipation, your answer, which I know I can consider certain as truth carved in stone.

    Signed, Al Wheeslistnin

    P.S. And, if you have time, please also speak to the virtues of French Paper.

  1. […] through an old magazine from 1884, Dr. Boli happened across an advertisement for his favorite pen, and since it is still International Steel Pen Appreciation Month, he thought he would share it […]

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