048-falconLeafing through an old magazine from 1884, Dr. Boli happened across an advertisement for his favorite pen, and since it is still International Steel-Pen Appreciation Month, he thought he would share it with his readers. The Esterbrook 048 Falcon was made over such a long period, and in such prodigious quantities, that it is still very easy to find today: searching for “Esterbrook 048 Falcon” on a well-known auction site turned up a dozen results, many at reasonable prices. Buy a dozen Falcons, a good pen-holder, a bottle of ink, and a ream of decent paper, and you have all you need to write a masterpiece of English prose, or poetry if you think that suits you.


  1. Or some well-nigh-pornographic fanfiction about your favorite fictional characters, as that seems to be quite popular these days. Even Dr. Boli has been tempted to venture into these waters, if we broaden the definition a bit to include real historical figures as the inspiration for fan-fictional romantic matchmaking. May I suggest “Fifty Shades of Imperial Purple” if he ever gets around to writing that alternate-history epic.

    But may I more emphatically suggest he finally get around to continuing his stalled History of the World project, which we have been awaiting impatiently for over a year now?

  2. Jason says:

    Do you have advice for left-handed people? We’ve been told we have no place in world of pre-ball-point-penmanship.

    • Dr. Boli says:

      Dr. Boli, keeping in mind the admonition about him who calleth his brother a fool, will say only that anyone who told you that is incorrectly informed. The important thing is to keep one’s hand from dragging through the ink, which is easy to accomplish by writing with the paper at an angle. Most right-handed writers keep the paper at an angle, too, although obviously a different angle. There are left-handed oblique pen holders, but a cheap straight pen holder will probably be good enough for most purposes.

      YouTube is filled with videos of left-handed penmanship technique, which apparently is the very definition of exciting television.

      • Jason says:

        Thank you! I will feed my children before I have watched them all.

        I wonder what it would take to start manufacturing these tips again? You could rebrand them. The “Boli-Falcon 48” has a nice ring. The time is right. As you mention, this is the golden age for steel-tipped pens. My Barnes and Noble has an entire free-standing shelf display dedicated to dip-pens paper, and ink.

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