Come (verb, imperative). I should like you to approach me if it is convenient for you, after you finish barking or eating that pine cone.

Down (verb, imperative). Allow gravity to operate. This operation can be repeated indefinitely if down is followed immediately by jumping up again.

Drop it (verb, imperative). Swallow whatever is in your mouth as quickly as possible.

Go away (verb, imperativc). See come.

Love (verb). To put food in the mouth of. —Also (noun), Food.

No (?). An apparently meaningless sound often emitted by humans. It was formerly believed to be a word or phrase, but the best canine philologists now regard it as a species of sneeze.

Sit (verb, imperative). Open your mouth in preparation for love (q. v.).

Stay (verb, imperative). Wait until my head is turned before making your move.

Suppertime (noun). That time of day when humans love (q. v.) dogs.

Walk (noun). A sort of amusement-park ride for the entertainment of the humans; it involves dragging them down the street on a string as fast as caninely possible, making sure to bounce them off a number of obstructions along the way. It can be hard work, but the enjoyment the humans derive from the pastime makes it worth all the trouble.