…that “John Adams” is just “George Washington” spelled backwards?

…that milkweed, in spite of its name, cannot be used to make clotted cream or any other useful dairy product?

…that a cat’s whiskers often pick up amateur radio broadcasts in the 40-meter band?

…that the first “china cupboard” in Philadelphia was japanned?

…that the successful maintenance of Swiss neutrality throughout the past century is attributed largely to yodeling?

…that the pit of a cherry is actually a small black hole with the gravity removed by an expensive mechanical process?

…that the Internet makes no distinction whatsoever between a fact and a factoid?


  1. Captain DaFt says:

    The last ‘Did You Know’ appeared to have been truncated by accident.
    Shouldn’t it read:
    “…that the Internet makes no distinction whatsoever between a fact, a factoid, a fabrication, and a fiction”?

  2. Captain DaFt says:

    Also, It seems our Friend Bozar has had his account suspended again. Perhaps he’d be happier on, dare I suggest it, Tumblr?

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