Inscription on the church of Ivry-la-Bataille, photographed by “MG.”

On this day in 1793, the French Convention officially proclaimed the worship of the Goddess of Reason as the national religion. The idea of human beings venerating Reason in any form is so inherently comical that Dr. Boli can think of nothing more to say about it.


  1. RepubAnon says:

    Venerating reason? Yes. Practicing what they preach? Heck, no.

  2. Joseph Moore says:

    In order that the people took their reasonableness seriously, they had to kill a bunch of people – nothing says ‘I am being reasonable’ like a semi-random bloodbath.

    Thus the French established the very important concept: that it is completely reasonable to kill everybody who doesn’t get with the program, followed by those who might be thinking about not getting with the program, followed by those who seem capable of thinking about maybe not getting with the program. Few ideas have been pursued with such vigor and enthusiasm, and less success, which lack of success has remarkably little effect on the vigor and enthusiasm.

    As the proponents of reason gain ascendance, we can rest assured that a completely reasonable bloodbath is not long to follow.

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