It is well known that, given the opportunity to express their opinion of a product or service, most customers will give top ratings for mere adequacy. For example, in this article about the “9 retailers with the worst customer service,” the very worst retailer is rated 71 on a 100-point scale. Most of the other eight are rated 75 or 76.

In a five-star rating system, anything below a four-star rating is pretty bad. Three stars is exactly 50%, which is dreadful, considering that—again—the worst-rated retailers were getting about 75%.

So when we see a “rating snapshot” like this, we should probably run as fast as we can from that product or service:

Rating snapshot

What was the product that earned such abysmal ratings, you may ask? Oh, Dr. Boli was hoping you would ask that. These are ratings for Microsoft Windows 8.1. And where do you find customers who hate Windows so vehemently? The answer: these are the ratings on Microsoft’s own site.