Contributed by Our Correspondent “dduwvmy,”
Who Unfortunately Be Not Which Famous Writer.


Run about in the lonesome bush
Solitary is a person revels
Record this disconsolate season
and always make people have the felling to grow to fall.

Sometimes face that big slice of defoliation
that is big slice of to fall thick and fast,
you will the facial expression cannoting help but
Be foolish to live.

Then lightly give a sigh,
the corner of mouth lightly ups a smile.
Many people of car but seem to only have your a person.

Because everyone’s look in the eyeses
all stare at in addition to window,
respectively keep in mind Chuai respectively of worry.

You have a dream, in a dream of you wear a white dress,
the barefoot is trampled very thick defoliation up,
greatly mark time of run forward.

You want to run to where?
You aren’t clear either.
Just feel and then always keep on running like this,
in the mind all of suppress all let out from the big big of breathe out.

You need noodles toward the place of ocean
and in quiet listen to that tide rise tide to fall,
seeing that sea gull is beautiful in the sky of row an a curve.

Just in river’s lake, person’s body not from F.

Your thinking of tomorrow is on Monday,
and then want to start a busy green life.

But this day think the weekend
that the night thinks unexpectedly
so the sparse inside is careless of in the past.

Is superficial of you always have happy smiling face,
moderate facial expression.

But who don’t know as well,
always have a profound solitude in the silent night oil
however rise at the your heart deep place,
even if flank asleep your most close person,
you still feel that
the in the mind is empty.

Is you to nearby of did the person have no feelings?
Not, you just have a desire, there is a life of dream.

You usually fantasize such an appearance,
quiet room, a bunch of and warm sunlight shines on
to come in from the window sill
and beat Noan-noan on the body of,
at hand put one cup steaming hot coffee,
you sit to slightly pound a keyboard before computer
and allow thoughts and feelings to flow to drip.

Unfortunately you be not which famous writer,
also the nobody can truely appreciate your literary grace.

Sometime again absolute being go toward:
“Probably wait one 2, 30, even after dying,
probably these works of mine will have more people to read
to the article.”

That several days,
you always see a be lame leg of old grandmother
walk with a cane to slowly and longly
get on the car to and then and very slowly get off,
but oddness of is her each time sit one station road.

The person on the car has some complaint:
“This appearance can also sit a bus.”

Connect the driver runs into her some in a great rageses.

Your in the mind is strange,
this station road,
there is around no house,
only an alone and helpless hilltop,
what does she come to this to do?

Until one day,
you ran into her in the website,
you stand at her wear headphones nearby
and selfishly listen to have song.

The light rain Xi Li Li frightens,
suddenly someone touched to touch your clothes,
you take off headphones a turn a face:
“It unexpectedly is her.”

Her facial expression has some to worriedly say:
“Miss, did you see xxx bus to come to have no for me?
Coming to tell me is a, my eyes see not pure.”

You say with smile:
“Be free, I also take this car.”

Prepare to put on the headphones again later on,
but hear her soliloquize over there:

“My house’s old headman gives dream
to make me come to see him every day
and lets me says with him.
Ah, I this leg isn’t good,
hereafter can not often come.”

You are suddenly some sad,
a kind of fellow sufferers understand each other feeling
arises spontaneously.

For the person of dying weep over in fact
and more should for leave of the person
feel commiseration.

Standing alone no man of this heart can solve,
she to the person of the dying the Xu Xu Dao Dao,
no one dislikes her any further bothersome.

But you, connect a persons
who can make you tell to all have no,
because you always feel that your own topic is a bit aery.

You have already accepted this society
also content with reality,
but always have repress don’t live of impulse,
let you have the viewpoint to grow elusion.

Imitate a Buddha
Be placed oneself to mysterious great universe in,
world only I only.

But you are on the whole an understand person,
dependably and hard work well own affair.

Probably wait until the year of toward sunset,
you can go together with the illustration
to own all works and make into a book
and and then lie on the rattan chair,
the leisureliness turns over and looking at.

Run about in the lonesome bush,
sign by a kind of carriage Ao of narcissistic in the crowd.

One day there will you will find out exit,
in the moment is a colorful decoration,
ten thousand purple thousand red.

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