In your innocence, you thought Dr. Boli was being facetious when he listed a number of upcoming articles whose topics sounded duller than anything even he would be willing to publish. Yet you underestimated him, in your innocence. Through the courtesy of the Bedfordshire Record Office, a short film from 1970:

And that says all there is to say on that topic. Yes, there are many, many videos on the Internet about marbling paper. But is there another with that distinctive produced-by-a-county-council-in-1970 aesthetic?


  1. Floere Childs says:

    I could think of a half-a-dozen smart-aleckey comments if only this video weren’t so dang cool!

  2. That was awesome. Reminded me of my days doing DNA gel electrophoresis in school.

  3. Piper says:

    My 7-year-old son thought the apprentice had put in plain black at about 9:10. Upon seeing the result at 9:41, he announced: “That’s not plain black, that’s magic!”

    Fabulous video, music and all.

  4. JaneC says:

    Given the narrator’s optimism about the young apprentice, it’s a bit sad that the Cockerell bookbindery went out of business less than 20 years after this was made.

    • Dr. Boli says:

      What the film could not tell you, of course, is that the young apprentice went on to found Marblex, the multinational marbling conglomerate that put all the small shops out of business.

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