Update: The Illustrations site is being reconstituted at

An advantage of this host is that it has the power to maintain a genuinely useful alphabetical index of the subjects of the pictures, thanks to a clever plugin called “Multi-column Tag Map.”

Do not visit, which was Dr. Boli’s collection of illustrations from public-domain sources. is now redirecting the site to advertisements, all of which seem to be scam sites of one sort or another. There is no explanation from Byethost, except for a few emails mentioning that the site had become “very successful” (it averaged three visitors a day, and its highest number of visitors ever was twenty) and we might want to “upgrade.” We have removed the site from the list in the right-hand margin. If the site becomes available again, it will be put back in the list.

The illustrations themselves are not lost; they were all hosted on separate image servers. If you used any of them on a Web site, they should still be available.