“If it rests with Germany, war will not come again. This country has a more profound impression than any other of the evils war causes. Ninety-five per cent of the members of our national administration have had personal experience with the horrors of war and know that it is not an adventure but a ghastly catastrophe. Nineteen eighteen was a lesson and a warning for us. We ask only that our present frontiers be maintained, and believe me, we shall never fight again except in self-defense.”

——Adolf Hitler.


  1. John M says:

    As the Tom Lehrer song MEF Lullaby goes:

    “Once all the Germans were warlike, and mean.
    But that couldn’t happen again.
    We taught them a lesson – in 1918
    And they’ve hardly bothered us since then…”

  2. “We ask only that our present frontiers (I mean the real frontiers, those that provide us our entire Lebensraum, not the false political frontiers imposed on us by traitors and foreigners) be maintained.”

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  3. Ben Ieghn says:

    Denouncing war is like denouncing alcohol after experiencing a bad hang-over; the resolve lasts only until the next happy hour…except next time the blitz is conducted with fewer brain cells.

  4. RepubAnon says:

    “Peace is what we vant, and do haf!
    Und a piece of anything you haf!”

    Harvard Lampoon, Bored of the Ring, Song of the Riders of Roi Tan

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