I spoke to the Waffle. The Waffle said no.
    She said it was not in the cards.
She thinks that we oughtn’t to carry on so.
She says there are places one never must go.
She says there is knowledge one never must know.
    Our pots would be smashed into shards,
                To shards,
    Our pots would be smashed into shards.

I spoke to the Pancake. The Pancake said yes.
    He thinks we should give it a try.
He says there are things that one never could guess:
That we ought to have more and not settle for less;
That you can’t break an egg without making a mess
    And sausages do not apply,
    And sausages do not apply.

I spoke to the Kettle. The Kettle said, “Why?
    Why must you be constantly grey?
Not hot and not cold, and not forward or shy,
And not bright and not dark, and not wet and not dry?
For it once was the dawn, but the evening is nigh,
    And now we have wasted the day,
                The day,
    And now we have wasted the day.”