Tobacco products are festooned with dire warnings about their effects on the user’s health, and yet people continue to use tobacco products. That is because health is not very high on the list of things tobacco users really care about. Thus new government-mandated warnings will be introduced next year that will, it is hoped, strike deeper into the minds of the purchasers of tobacco:

Warning Cigarette Smoking

Warning Pipe Smoking

Warning Chewing Tobacco

Warning Cigar Smoking


  1. Gonna have to show the pipe one to one of my friends who smokes pipes. I used to smoke cigarettes, quit after 12 years back in 2009. No one wanted to be my potential romantic partner before I started to smoke, and when I did finally get a girlfriend, I quit smoking but lost her anyways. Ah well.

  2. Sean says:

    I work in an office where everyone who sits around me chews constantly at their desks and most either smoke or ‘vape’ (as the kids say these days). It’s an odd throwback, but witnessing the intelligence of these guys (Drafters and Mechanical Engineers), it’s hard for me to continue to muster the appropriate level of contempt for the intelligence of those who chew on a regular basis.

    • Dr. Boli says:

      Dr. Boli was once invited to a Mensa meeting in one of those hamlets where the suburbs meet the sticks. The members were all bikers with missing teeth. They could prevail in any street fight and in any word game you could think of. They did not demonstrate the street fighting, but the word games brought out the same desperate enthusiasm.

      So it is a mistake to judge by appearances and stereotypes. Since tobacco advertising, however, assumes a world in which seventh-graders dictate what is socially admirable, perhaps warnings aimed at the same demographic would be effective.

      Dr. Boli never did join Mensa. He might have been able to pass the IQ test, but he could never have passed the taking-the-IQ-seriously test.

      • Ben Ieghn says:

        When the Angels were assembling my brain, God told them to be sure to endow me with high “IQ”; the Angels thought they heard “Haiku” and now I have neither rhyme or reason…

    • Ben Ieghn says:

      I hate to be one to air may dirty lungs in public, but, I smoked heavily on and off for many years since I was about 12; I have been tobacco free for about ten years. Now at fifty something, I frequently ‘vape’ on an asthma inhaler…

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