LAST NIGHT’S PERFORMANCE of the Symphonie Plague No.3 by Ruthven Mophandle Heyser was disappointing: nothing was outlandishly poor, but the Duck Hollow Philharmonic is capable of better work. The bassoons, marked pianissimo in the score, nearly drowned out the rustling tissue paper, which is marked fortissimo. The Krummhorns were so badly out of tune that at one point a distinct effect of harmony was produced where, needless to say, none was intended. The concluding explosions were ill-timed and ruined the rhythmic effect of the finale. Much praise is due, however, to Miss Una Corda, the notoriously shy concert pianist, whose faint melodic tinkling was not audible at all.


  1. RepubAnon says:

    Why was no mention made of the capsule players?

  2. So, is a short online review which is formatted to be more easily and conveniently viewed on something like an iPad going to be known as a tablet review? What’s next, a gelcap review?

    • RepubAnon says:

      No, no – a tablet review would be an opinion piece about tablets (or those in the percussion section skilled in the art of shaking bottles containing tablets…)

  3. mikeski says:

    It’s a different sort of capsule, I believe. Notice how scathing the review is? A “capsule review” is shorthand for “a review of something which should be placed in a small airtight room, attached to the nose of a rocket, and shot into space.”

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