From the Wikipedia article on Windows Error Reporting:

According to Der Spiegel, the Microsoft crash reporter has been exploited by NSA’s TAO unit to hack into the computers of Mexico’s Secretariat of Public Security. According to the same source, Microsoft crash reports are automatically harvested in NSA’s XKeyscore database, in order to facilitate such operations.

One can imagine the hotshot IT salesperson arriving at the public-security agency of a major developed nation and saying, “I can sell you a very secure software system that will keep your agency running smoothly and your data safe from outside attack.”

One can imagine the prospective client asking, “What operating system does it require?”

One can imagine the hotshot IT salesperson replying, “Windows.”

What one cannot imagine is why the hotshot IT salesperson then makes the sale, instead of being whisked off at once to whatever holding facility they use to torture and interrogate foreign spies too dangerous to be subjected to public trial. Have they no dungeons in Mexico? If not, Dr. Boli can put them in touch with a hotshot dungeon salesperson who can provide them with a complete package.