We here at Twist Tie Manufacturers and Wholesalers magazine would like to convey our sincere good wishes to the incoming administration. We trust that the new Secretary of Commerce will understand that the prosperity of the nation as a whole depends upon a strong and resilient twist-tie sector.

Our Paris correspondent reports that Forest Green, long dominant in the paper-coated side of the twist-tie business, is gradually being edged out by Ruby in the Paris twist-tie shows. American manufacturers are generally a year or two behind their French brethren in adopting new fashions, but it behooves them to monitor the Parisian innovations closely, as customers may soon be demanding them.

The Southern Tie & Clasp M’f’g Co. of Darien, Georgia, has quietly retired its line of Marconi brand wireless twist ties. The novel manufacturing process was, in the opinion of most wholesalers, never able to turn out a satisfactory tie, and sales failed to meet expectations.

It is a satisfaction to report that all participants in this year’s Twist Tie Trade Association conference have recovered from their injuries, and only two remain hospitalized, with expectations of a speedy discharge. Future conferences will be organized in such a way as to separate the paper-coated and plastic-coated divisions, thus, it is hoped, avoiding more unseemly brawls.

Drummers traveling the Northwest circuit report that a half-length baguette in a transparent plastic sack makes the most effective “prop” for demonstrating a complete range of twist ties. In the Southeast, however, commercial travelers are advised to respect the conservatism of the region and rely on the traditional bag of pork rinds.

Humorous anecdotes and jocularities are earnestly solicited for our column “Twisted & Tied” on the back page of every issue. Successful submissions will illuminate some aspect of the twist-tie business, will not be unnecessarily offensive, and will leave readers with a pleasant but dignified smile, which is frankly about all we can hope for from humor in this line.