1. KevinT says:

    What’s with the stray inkspot on the leading letter of Web? Perhaps Dr. Boli exhausted his supply of Wite-Out during his typing excursions…

    • Dr. Boli says:

      That is hardly the last stray inkspot you will see. Accept them as certificates of authenticity.

      Wite-Out and Dr. Boli never agreed. Manipulating the little brush precisely enough to leave no evidence of the correction, and then waiting for the liquid to dry, always seemed to take more time than simply retyping the page. There is also the disadvantage that Wite-Out requires one to write on only one color of paper. Since Dr. Boli’s source of paper is usually the odds and ends left over from jobs at a local print shop (which would otherwise end up in the recycling heap), he does not have that choice even if he desired to stick to one color. And the logistics of maintaining a stock of Canary-Out, Beige-Out, Pale-Blue-Out, Linen-Wove-Out, etc., coupled with the inexhaustibility of the supply of paper, make it simpler just to write things over.

  2. RepubAnon says:

    Can the main character of “The Crimes of Galahad” provide advice on the proper pen tip for use with the various grades of paper available at his establishment?

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