D for the Dermatologist you must see if you have a growth like this on your head.

E for the Ennui suffered by the bagpipe player who must keep up a constant drone for an hour.

L for the Liquor to which this poor man is addicted, causing him to see wild boars that no one else can see.

R for little Roberta playing the starring role in her third-grade play, Our Friend the Roach.

T for Throwing, a monkey’s favorite hobby.

X for Xerxes counting his million-man army and coming up with 999,997.

More fun with initials may be had on our page of initials in the Illustrations collection.


  1. RepubAnon says:

    A drunk was staggering home, and fell asleep in the gutter. A pig wandered by, and laid down next to the man for warmth.

    A passerby looked at this and said, “you can tell a man who drinks by the company he keeps”, and the pig got up and blushed, and slowly walked away.

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