Tractatus de Filibustro; or, The Art of Saying Nothing at Great Length and with Appropriate Conviction. By State Senator Henrietta Maria Stuart.

Faith’s Proctoscope: In Which the Recent Reform of the Reformed Church is Carefully Examined and Thoroughly Vindicated, and the More Recent Claims of the Reformed Reformed Reformers Are Utterly Demolished. By the Rev. Thaddeus Carton, D.D., D.D.S., M.B.A.

How to Recognize and Avoid Responsibility: An Essential Handbook for the Middle Manager. By the Interim Publications Committee.

The Antisocialite’s Companion: Party Tricks That Will Clear a Room so You Can Drink All the Punch Yourself. By Egbert Pound.

The Noble Gases: Their Pedigrees, Incestuous Marriages, Private Wars, Social Embarrassments, and Oppression of the Common Elements. By Amelia Stokes-Chapell Wallington-Carnaby-Fortescue.

The Collector’s Price Guide to Plastic One-Gallon Fruit-Punch Jugs. By Al from Herb’s Cooking for One.

The Voice of the Voiceless: How to Be an Advocate for the Consonants No One Wants to Talk About. By Prof. Hetta Picketts.

All from Runcible Books and Finer Meats, Squirrel Hill
Don’t Forget to Eat Meat While You Read