We have mentioned before how Google uses its massive artificial intelligence to identify objects and locations in collections of photographs. But did you know that Microsoft is giving Google some stiff competition? If you store images in Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft will helpfully categorize them for you. For example:—

In the sense that this could depict a conference of the Olympians, “Sky” is appropriate. Or—

The moon is indeed an outdoor phenomenon, in the sense that it does not fit indoors in any building our puny Earth technology has hitherto been able to construct. Bravo, Microsoft. And here is some text:

It is actually the lower part of a picture of a snake with its tail in its mouth, but perhaps Microsoft meant “text” as short for “subtext.”

At any rate, it is good to see that Google has a rival in the artificial-intelligence market, and we may expect to see great things emerging from this healthy competition.


  1. The Shadow says:

    When Skynet takes over, will it realize it? Or will it simply think it has tidied up a database?

    I look forward with bated breath to your further thoughts on “drifted words”.

  2. RepubAnon says:

    This “artificial intelligence” may get things wildly wrong, but it’s still doing better than those humans who think anything they see on the Internet confirming their opinions must be true.

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