“Write with confidence across documents, email, and the web,” says the advertisement. “With features that help strengthen your spelling, grammar, and style…”

Well, it sounds good so far.

“…let Microsoft Editor be your intelligent writing assistant on LinkedIn, Google docs (beta), Facebook, Gmail, and many other locations.”


The question that comes to mind first is whether we would trust Microsoft with a red pencil.

After that, we have an observation: LinkedIn comes first. Of course LinkedIn, the Microsoft property, comes first in Microsoft World. Dr. Boli asked his secretary what LinkedIn was the first time he heard it mentioned, and his secretary helpfully explained, “LinkedIn is Facebook for boring people.”

Imagine a social network where all content goes through hours of self-censorship before it is posted, because the users know that they are really writing a permanent resumé that will be examined by every employer with even moderate computer skills. Imagine a social network where every user expects every status update to be examined not only by her current employers but also by all potential future employers, and possibly by St. Peter at the pearly gates. Imagine how dull that would be. Can you achieve such a stunning level of dullness all by yourself? Probably not. You need professional help—professional help from Microsoft.