Writing tools are produced by programmers or mechanics and not by writers.

Tools advertised as “made by writers for writers” are made by aspiring writers, which is to say writers who have day jobs as programmers or mechanics, but took a creative-writing course at the community college and actually believe what they were taught.

If you find a writing tool that was in fact designed by a professional writer, it has already been abandoned by its creator, who has better things to do than maintain complicated code as operating systems and Web technology continue to pull the rug out from under it every few months.

All “distraction-free” modes, views, extensions, or whatnot are cripplingly distracting.

Many writing tools provide a “Hemingway Mode,” in which the backspace and arrow keys are disabled to prevent anything but forward motion in writing. Hemingway killed himself.

Anything labeled “Focus Mode” is designed to make you focus on how clever the programmer was to come up with code like this.

In professional publishing software, the needs of the designer outweigh the needs of the writer.

In commercial word processors, the needs of the administrative assistant outweigh the needs of the writer.

In open-source word processors, the needs of the coding community outweigh the needs of the writer.

The only tool that is completely under a writer’s control is a pen.